A new first for Schim Productions

It´s now official, Schim Productions are proud to be a sponsor to Bjørn Arnel Iisager´s (http://bjorniisager.blogspot.dk/) road to the international bouldering scene. This is a new first for Schim Productions, since I (read. Schim Productions) haven´t made any cash-in-hand sponsering before. To be able to sponsering talent, like Bjørn, has always been a wish for me, but the opportunity haven´t really appered before I got to know Bjørn. I´ve now known Bjørn for many years, and I have always known about his talent, but talent alone isn´t enough today to be a top climber! It takes a whole bunch of hard work and dedication to reach the level Bjørn is at right now. I´ve seen how he has got stronger and picked on new moves along the way, and it has been fun to watch him progress, while having fun doing so!
That´s why I have decided to sponsering him for the IFSC World Championship 2014. The championship is set in Munich, and Bjørn will enter the World stage on thursday the 21st of August, so we wish Bjørn all the best and hope that he will make the semi´s so we can see him on the live stream.
Bjørn will be joined by two other Danish climbers, Katrine and Robin, we wish them all the best too.

The timing for getting Schim Productions involed in sponsering athlete´s probably isn´t the best time. Let me tell you why that´s so.
My family and I recently moved back to Denmark after we have been living in Tbilisi, Georgia for a little more than two years. To be back in Denmark is great and we enjoy being back.
We have bought us a house, and I have just started school, all which is good fun, but since I have no income at the moment made the decision to sponsering Bjørn a little hard at first.
But for me being part of helping young Danish people in the pursuit of their dreams is definitely something I want to be associated with.
So therefore the decision in the end was pretty easy to make.

Supporting talent and dedication equals Schim Productions:-)

Have a good one

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