Empty Pockets

A little more than one week has past since I uploaded “Letters and Numbers in Annot”, and as promised, here´s now the second movie.
First, I´ve now used all of my footage (almost anyway) from our easter trip to Annot, France 2014.
Second, Annot consist of a lot of climbing on pockets,some of them are sharp, some of them aren´t.
Therefore gave I the movie the name of “Empty pockets”.

The movie is pretty much the same as the first one, but this time I climb some of the same boulders that Rikke climbed in the first movie.
I know it isn´t as pretty, or smooth, as when Rikke climbs it, but what the heck ;-)
Think about it like this movie is the extension to “Letters and Numbers in Annot”.


Empty Pockets from Schim Productions on Vimeo.

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