Movie, “Letters and Numbers in Annot”

Annot, France, that was our easter destination this year.
Last time we were in Annot was just before our daughter Alva was born, almost 3 years ago.

We had a blast, again, with good weather and good climbing.
Rikke and I climbed almost everyday, out of the 16 days we had in Annot.
We got to send a bunch of problems that we had opened up during prior trips to Annot, and also a few new ones.
Rikke repeated a B10 (7c), the one she did back in 2010, and she also added a new B10 (7c) to her ticklist. I´ve both of them on films, which can be seen in my new movie “Letters and Numbers in Annot”
She also did a whole lot of B6-B9 (6c-7b+), some of them are also included in the film.

One of the ones that stand out the most is a B10 that I´ve probably tried 100 times or more, on my last trip, with little success. This year I got it done in a few tries, and directly after my send, Rikke did it as well. The only difference was that Rikke probably only needed 10 tries or so, in total!
She didn´t have a chance to try it on our last trip, being 8 moths pregnant at the time then, so it was so nice to see her bag it so fast!

Don´t be fooled by the way Rikke makes the problem “La Pâte á Cloner” B9 (7b) look easy, because my guess is that the problem is more of a hard 7b+ then a 7b. It only took her 3-4 tries to put it all together, nicely done!
I tried it a few times, but I couldn´t even get the first move done, maybe when I get stronger I´ll be able to do this one.

I also had some good sends, some did we get on film, some not. This will be the first time that I have enough decent footage from our climbing trip, that I´ll have to make 2 movies.
The second one will include same problems as climbed in “Letters and Numbers in Annot”, but just climbed by either by Rikke or myself instead.
I don´t know when the second movie will be ready for release, but I´ll post something here on when it´s ready.
So make sure to step by Schim Productions soon again. Well, enough said, now I hope that you´ll enjoy “Letters and Numbers in Annot”.

Peace out

Letters and Numbers in Annot from Schim Productions on Vimeo.

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