France..time and time again…:-)

Now when we are getting closer to Easter time, people are preparing themselfs for some outdoor climbing. My girls and I, will be heading to Annot, Southern France, over the holidays. This will be first time that we get back there after our daughter have been born. We´re very much looking forward to come back to Annot again. It´ll be fun to climb there once more, and to meet some of our friends, both French and Danish.

While sitting here waiting for our Easter bouldertrip to get started, I thought that I might as well put together the few film clips that I have from our last trip to Fontainebleau, in September 2013. So, If you´re going to Fontainebleau, maybe this will give you a little inspiration, in case you haven´t tried, or done, these problems. I hope that you like it, even though I haven´t put to much love into editing this film.

Have a great Easter holidays :-)

1,2,3…Fontainebleau from Schim Productions on Vimeo.

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