In the right directions

In September,we got to spend a few days back at our summerhouse in Sweden. The weather was awesome and we finally found some new boulders that were in better size than the other ones we have found. I actually found 2 new boulders, while I was out riding my sister little pitbike.

It took a while to uncover the boulders since they were fully covered in moss, but it was well worth it, because they produced the best climbing we have found so far around the summerhouse. Big thanks to my sisters boyfriend, Robin, for a great job brushing down the boulders with me.

One of the boulders is still to be completly brushed down, and hopefully we´ll find some harder lines on that one, plus that we got a aréte that´s still undone and looks pretty hard.

This short clip just gives you a hint of what we have found so far, but I´m sure that we´ll find some more good stuff when have some more time to search.

In the right directions from Schim Productions on Vimeo.



I´ll soon be getting in to cutting the little footage I got from our latest trip to Fontainebleau in September, but more on that later.

See ya.


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