Cleaning time.


I just saw this video from Black Diamond.

It´s from the Clean-up project in Fontainebleau during Easter 2013.

Chasin’ the Rubbish 2.0 in Fontainebleau, France from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

I´m glad that our family could be a part of this project, beacause this is a great way to show some respect, and bring awareness to the fact that we should be careful about our environment. My girlfriend Rikke, make a very short appearance in this flim at 2:15 :-)

The people that make this Clean-up project happen are a whole bunch of cool guys, and I love the fact that you get to see them taking part and you would see living legends like Fred Nicole and Nalle going around the parking lot in Isatis, pickín´ up garabage, while our friend Neil (Hart) is filming everything that´s going on. The thing about them not being too cool and arrogant is so nice to see, like I mentioned in earlier post here on Schim Productions, I had several of pleasant conversation with Nalle. You would talk to him like he was a buddy of your own and show no signs of being bored talking to an averaged climber like myself, while he would kill a 8B Fontainebleau boulderproblem within 15 minutes time, now that´s cool and a very good role model for the sport in my book!

It´s so very different from the surfscene , at least how I have experienced it of the years that I´ve been surfing. The surf pro´s (and the ones that are better then yourself) seems to me, that they so much attitude and that makes it not to much fun to be around people like that, but that´s another story…

Allright, that´s it for tonight folks.


P.s. It seems like we got ourself a gite at Neil´s place in Fontainebleau in september, more about that later on :-)

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