Soon…California and Nevada movie.

I hope that I can get some time soon, to go through 4-5 hours of footage from 2011´s roadtrip in California and Nevada. On this trip we got to spend about 14 days bouldering in Red Rocks.

It also includes visiting Peter and Louise in Los Angeles and in South Lake Tahoe, we spent a couple of days with Rikke´s good old friend, Corey Rich (, his lovely wife Marina Rich and their dog Preta.

Corey hooked me up with a free skipass at Heavenly, so there´s a little bit of snowboarding on these films as well, not much though.

I didn´t expect to be snowboarding fresh powder, almost 40 cm of it as well, on this family/climbing trip to the US,  but since we where hit by a late snowstorm it all worked out great :-)

My plan is to make two videos out of this, because there´s a fair bit which more on the family subject, since this was our first longer trip with our daughter, Alva, (by that time 6 months old). So one film for the family, and one for the climbing world :-)




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