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Empty Pockets

A little more than one week has past since I uploaded “Letters and Numbers in Annot”, and as promised, here´s now the second movie.
First, I´ve now used all of my footage (almost anyway) from our easter trip to Annot, France 2014.
Second, Annot consist of a lot of climbing on pockets,some of them are sharp, some of them aren´t.
Therefore gave I the movie the name of “Empty pockets”.

The movie is pretty much the same as the first one, but this time I climb some of the same boulders that Rikke climbed in the first movie.
I know it isn´t as pretty, or smooth, as when Rikke climbs it, but what the heck ;-)
Think about it like this movie is the extension to “Letters and Numbers in Annot”.


Empty Pockets from Schim Productions on Vimeo.

Movie, “Letters and Numbers in Annot”

Annot, France, that was our easter destination this year.
Last time we were in Annot was just before our daughter Alva was born, almost 3 years ago.

We had a blast, again, with good weather and good climbing.
Rikke and I climbed almost everyday, out of the 16 days we had in Annot.
We got to send a bunch of problems that we had opened up during prior trips to Annot, and also a few new ones.
Rikke repeated a B10 (7c), the one she did back in 2010, and she also added a new B10 (7c) to her ticklist. I´ve both of them on films, which can be seen in my new movie “Letters and Numbers in Annot”
She also did a whole lot of B6-B9 (6c-7b+), some of them are also included in the film.

One of the ones that stand out the most is a B10 that I´ve probably tried 100 times or more, on my last trip, with little success. This year I got it done in a few tries, and directly after my send, Rikke did it as well. The only difference was that Rikke probably only needed 10 tries or so, in total!
She didn´t have a chance to try it on our last trip, being 8 moths pregnant at the time then, so it was so nice to see her bag it so fast!

Don´t be fooled by the way Rikke makes the problem “La Pâte á Cloner” B9 (7b) look easy, because my guess is that the problem is more of a hard 7b+ then a 7b. It only took her 3-4 tries to put it all together, nicely done!
I tried it a few times, but I couldn´t even get the first move done, maybe when I get stronger I´ll be able to do this one.

I also had some good sends, some did we get on film, some not. This will be the first time that I have enough decent footage from our climbing trip, that I´ll have to make 2 movies.
The second one will include same problems as climbed in “Letters and Numbers in Annot”, but just climbed by either by Rikke or myself instead.
I don´t know when the second movie will be ready for release, but I´ll post something here on when it´s ready.
So make sure to step by Schim Productions soon again. Well, enough said, now I hope that you´ll enjoy “Letters and Numbers in Annot”.

Peace out

Letters and Numbers in Annot from Schim Productions on Vimeo.