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I´m a climber, surfer and snowboarder. I live with my girlfriend, Rikke, and our daughter, Alva. We live in Tbilisi, Georgia, at the moment.
I´m born in Sri Lanka, and was then adopted to Sweden by my parents, Inger and Tommy. I got a younger sister, Sanna. My family lives in Gislaved, Sweden, and so does my grandfather, Stig.

Mr.Bjørn Iisager´s trailer 2012

Here´s a little preview of Bjørn bouldering in Fontainebleau, this year in september, together with Alva, Rikke and myself.

My “new” Sony HDR-HC9


I have had this camera since march this year. I bought it of Rikke´s good friend, Corey Rich, when we visit him and his wife in Lake Tahoe. I have shot about 6 hours of film on our 4 weeks road trip around California and Nevada.

I have wanted to edit that film from that trip, which took us places like, Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, Red Rocks, Las Vegas and many other places, but I´ve been missing the cable to transfer the video to my laptop. Finally I got around to order it from and I hope to get it soon…can´t wait!!

I´m also thinking about getting myself a new laptop so it´ll go faster and get better quality on my upcoming videos…we´ll see if I can´t my fingers on a new laptop soon.

Once I got all the new gadgets, I´ll get to work on my new movie projects ASAP.

So, keep an eye out here at for info about upcoming movies.

You can check Youtube (MrKimnilsson) for the earlier work I´ve done.

Keep it real


FontaineBleau September 2012


On the 14th of September 2012 Rikke, Alva and I went to Laforét, Fontainebleau. We had 9 days there and it all turned out so well. At the airport we meet up with Bjørn Iisager, who was going to spend 4-5 days with us. We drove off to Buthiers area, where I had booked a gite for us at Neil Hart´s place. The estate that Neil got is beautiful and the gite´s are very nice. The next day we started our bouldering adventure in Buthiers Piscine and the weather was just great, as of all days we had in Fontainebleau, sunny and everything between 15-25 degrees and with good stick on the rocks. What more can you ask for?

We spendt one of the days at Franchard Sablons, and as it turned out we were the only ones there, just Alva, Rikke and myself (Bjørn had left the day before). While we were plugging away on some of the problems in the blue circuit, two very well-known faces showed up in Sablons. It was Anna Stöhr and Kilian Fischhuber. They were still in France after competing at the world championship i Bercy, just a few days earlier. We got to see them climb a few things that we also had been on and we go to talk to them as well. Very nice peolpe, especially Anna, who played a little with Alva :-). To my surprise, they weren´t directly flying up of the boulders, as a matter of fact, they seemed to struggle a little on even “easier” stuff like 7a´s wall. I guess that only means that they are humans just like the rest of us :-). It was great fun to see them climb and talk to them and I´m glad that they are still so open and easy to talk to even though they are “superstars” in the small world of competing climbing.

We also saw Jan Höjer a few times in the forest, and he was, as Anna and Kilian, also struggling on “easier” problems, like a 7b. Jan, who was in Rocklands a few months ago and totally killed it with 30+ ascents of 8a´s and above in just 3 weeks time!!To me that only confirms that the Laforét sometimes is hard on it´s grades and that you probably need loads of time on rocks and not just on plastic to conquer some of the problems, which is very good. So just go out there and have fun on the rocks :-)


Here´s a little video I made from our trip to FontaineBleau this time.

Enjoy :-)


Bouldering around our sommerhouse “Skalleberget” in Sweden


Here´s some footage of the first boulder problem that I´ve opened in the area of our sommerhouse.

I hope that you´ll enjoy it and I´m sure that I´ll open more problems as soon as I get the time.




Kim´s Dangerous Animals…preview


Here´s the address to my newly created website, called Kim´s Dangerous Animals


Remember, this is just the first version of the page, it will soon be expanded and hopefully contain more juicy material and better layout.





Magic Wood – summer 2010






Surfing in Liberia



Annot bouldering – summer 2011



Ivö, Sweden, bouldering Easter 2011






Oopss…I managed to delete my WordPress site

By mistake I managed to delete my WordPress site so here´s a new one that I will start on.

I´ll be change the appearance pretty soon, once I got the HTML, CSS and Flash down :-)