France..time and time again…:-)

Now when we are getting closer to Easter time, people are preparing themselfs for some outdoor climbing. My girls and I, will be heading to Annot, Southern France, over the holidays. This will be first time that we get back there after our daughter have been born. We´re very much looking forward to come back to Annot again. It´ll be fun to climb there once more, and to meet some of our friends, both French and Danish.

While sitting here waiting for our Easter bouldertrip to get started, I thought that I might as well put together the few film clips that I have from our last trip to Fontainebleau, in September 2013. So, If you´re going to Fontainebleau, maybe this will give you a little inspiration, in case you haven´t tried, or done, these problems. I hope that you like it, even though I haven´t put to much love into editing this film.

Have a great Easter holidays :-)

1,2,3…Fontainebleau from Schim Productions on Vimeo.

In the right directions

In September,we got to spend a few days back at our summerhouse in Sweden. The weather was awesome and we finally found some new boulders that were in better size than the other ones we have found. I actually found 2 new boulders, while I was out riding my sister little pitbike.

It took a while to uncover the boulders since they were fully covered in moss, but it was well worth it, because they produced the best climbing we have found so far around the summerhouse. Big thanks to my sisters boyfriend, Robin, for a great job brushing down the boulders with me.

One of the boulders is still to be completly brushed down, and hopefully we´ll find some harder lines on that one, plus that we got a aréte that´s still undone and looks pretty hard.

This short clip just gives you a hint of what we have found so far, but I´m sure that we´ll find some more good stuff when have some more time to search.

In the right directions from Schim Productions on Vimeo.



I´ll soon be getting in to cutting the little footage I got from our latest trip to Fontainebleau in September, but more on that later.

See ya.


Cleaning time.


I just saw this video from Black Diamond.

It´s from the Clean-up project in Fontainebleau during Easter 2013.

Chasin’ the Rubbish 2.0 in Fontainebleau, France from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

I´m glad that our family could be a part of this project, beacause this is a great way to show some respect, and bring awareness to the fact that we should be careful about our environment. My girlfriend Rikke, make a very short appearance in this flim at 2:15 :-)

The people that make this Clean-up project happen are a whole bunch of cool guys, and I love the fact that you get to see them taking part and you would see living legends like Fred Nicole and Nalle going around the parking lot in Isatis, pickín´ up garabage, while our friend Neil (Hart) is filming everything that´s going on. The thing about them not being too cool and arrogant is so nice to see, like I mentioned in earlier post here on Schim Productions, I had several of pleasant conversation with Nalle. You would talk to him like he was a buddy of your own and show no signs of being bored talking to an averaged climber like myself, while he would kill a 8B Fontainebleau boulderproblem within 15 minutes time, now that´s cool and a very good role model for the sport in my book!

It´s so very different from the surfscene , at least how I have experienced it of the years that I´ve been surfing. The surf pro´s (and the ones that are better then yourself) seems to me, that they so much attitude and that makes it not to much fun to be around people like that, but that´s another story…

Allright, that´s it for tonight folks.


P.s. It seems like we got ourself a gite at Neil´s place in Fontainebleau in september, more about that later on :-)

Ivö Bouldering video

The first ascents from Ivö, easter 2011, have now made it to my Vimeo as well.

Ivö, Sweden Bouldering, First Ascents 2011 from Schim Productions on Vimeo.

Summer 2011, Annot

Back in june/july of 2011, we were in sunny and hot Annot, in southern France.

Rikke was pregnant at the time, but we still went climbing almost everyday for the full month we were there. Some mornings, would we go for a run in the mountains, before heading back to our apartment that we had rented for the month. We would buy bread and Croissants at our little local bakery, just 1 min away from our apartment.

We would be spending our days in the forest, bouldering together with our french and danish friends.

Dina, Rasmus and little Vega, were on a few months climbing roadtrip around Europe this summer, so got to hang out with them for several of weeks in Annot, great fun :-)


With all this good climbing, good friends around, beautiful weather and a little baby girl (Alva) on the way, you could easily say that this was one of the best summers I´ve ever had :-)


The Annot video have also found its way to my Vimeo

One month in Annot, 2011 from Schim Productions on Vimeo.

Soon…California and Nevada movie.

I hope that I can get some time soon, to go through 4-5 hours of footage from 2011´s roadtrip in California and Nevada. On this trip we got to spend about 14 days bouldering in Red Rocks.

It also includes visiting Peter and Louise in Los Angeles and in South Lake Tahoe, we spent a couple of days with Rikke´s good old friend, Corey Rich (, his lovely wife Marina Rich and their dog Preta.

Corey hooked me up with a free skipass at Heavenly, so there´s a little bit of snowboarding on these films as well, not much though.

I didn´t expect to be snowboarding fresh powder, almost 40 cm of it as well, on this family/climbing trip to the US,  but since we where hit by a late snowstorm it all worked out great :-)

My plan is to make two videos out of this, because there´s a fair bit which more on the family subject, since this was our first longer trip with our daughter, Alva, (by that time 6 months old). So one film for the family, and one for the climbing world :-)




Two more videos on Vimeo

I have got to more videos that have been uploaded on Vimeo.

The very short trailer to “Cloud Nine”

Teaser “Cloud Nine” from Schim Productions on Vimeo.


Plus last year´s FontaineBleau video.

FontaineBleau 2012 from Schim Productions on Vimeo.

I still got a few more videos that I want to add to Vimeo, but my internet keeps on kicking me off, so therefore it might take some time before all my videos are up. I so wish that my internet was a bit more stabil and faster, but what can you do?


Logo for Schim Productions



Here it is, Schim Productions first Logo !



Adding more videos to Vimeo

I´m trying to get all of my movies that I´ve made in the past, up on my new account on Vimeo.


So far,I got 4 movies on Vimeo. I would have had more by this time, but our internet doesn´t have the fastest uploading speed though.

I have made to channels on my vimeo, one is “bouldering” and the other is “snowboarding”.

Here´s the first, and only one so far, on channel “snowboarding”

He still got it from Schim Productions on Vimeo.

Vimeo, from now on.

Hi there

This evening a got myself a channel on Vimeo.
So from now on, my movies will be uploaded to Vimeo, instead of Youtube.
The reason for me to switching over to Vimeo are that I find Vimeo be cleaner and have the benefit of no stupid ads popping up all the time.

You can find my Vimeo uploads on this link:

Vimeo URL:


And here´s what the video looks like in Vimeo


Cloud Nine from Schim Productions on Vimeo.